[squid-users] Loop on refresh

From: Carlo Filippetto <carlo.filippetto_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 11:38:13 +0100

Hi all,I have a squid-3.0.STABLE1, configured with authentication ntlm
and same acl.
The problem is that I have a site http://selezione.monster.it that
give me some noise.
The first time I open te page it runs correctly, I can browse the
site and soon.. but if I came back on a previous page, or I write in
the url the site, that I wrote before, and the page goes in loop and
after several minute I receive "time out "page.

I tried to catch something with tcpdump, but I haven&#39;t find
nothing wrong, also the second time I open the url I can see some
traffic to and from the destination site..If I close the browser
always the first time it work, never the second.

I tried with Firefox and Chrome.Any ideas?Thank you

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