Re: [squid-users] Cache_peer load balancing

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 11:25:41 +1300

On 27.11.2012 10:38, Sekar Duraisamy wrote:
> Hi Team,

Hi, seeing you post this four times already today I am inclined to
ignore it as spam. Lucky for you I am bored this morning and answer.

> I have 2 squid instances running on the same machine with different
> port.
> Proxy: 3128 and 3129
> Now i have created new squid instance on the machine with 3130 port
> and i need to load-balance traffic of 3130 with 3128 and 3129.
> I have tried like this
> acl xxx dstdomain
> cache_peer parent 3128 0 no-query default round-robin
> weight=1 name= server1

NP: broken configuration: "name=" without parameter value and unknown
parameter name "server1".

> cache_peer parent 3129 0 no-query default round-robin
> weight=1 name=server2
> cache_peer_access server1 allow xxx
> cache_peer_access server2 allow xxx
> But somehow it is not working.. It takes only first entry. The
> request not going to 3129 ...
> All 3 instances are working in the
> same machine is a problem? If so is there a way configure in the same
> machine?

Yes. And it is configured in exactly the way you did above. Except note
that port 3130 is defacto-standard port for ICP proxy traffic and may be

Please read

In particular notice the diagrams about parent and sibling relationship
types. I suspect you have configured the third one "cluster", but have
not told us anything about the configuration of the first two proxies.
(Maybe you have configured them as parents of each other.)

You have also omitted a detailed description of "not working".

You have also omitted detailing what Squid version you are using.

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