[squid-users] ROCK store and UFS (Squid 3.2.3)

From: Horacio H. <pokehorace_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 16:44:08 -0600


I'm testing Squid 3.2.3 and wanted to use ROCK store combined with UFS
or AUFS. Yes, I know it's not currently supported
(http://wiki.squid-cache.org/Features/RockStore#limitations), but I
did some tests anyway (Yes, I forgot).

Doomed to failure, I added this two lines to Squid's default configuration:

  cache_dir rock /var/cache1 1000 max-size=16384
  cache_dir ufs /var/cache2 2000 16 256 min-size=16384

When both lines were present, objects bigger than 32KB were not cached
(neither on memory or disk). Of course, when ROCK cache_dir was not
present objects bigger than 16KB were cached on disk at the UFS store
as expected.

After a few tries, I inverted the order of the lines and increased the
max-size of the rock store, like this:

  cache_dir ufs /var/cache2 2000 16 256 min-size=16384
  cache_dir rock /var/cache1 1000 max-size=1048576

Surprisingly, objects bigger than 32KB (up to max-size) were stored on
disk and they got "TCP_HIT" when retrieved. Unfortunately, if Squid
process was stoped and restarted then those objects were retrieved
from source again (i.e. UFS storage was ignored or corrupted).

That's when I guessed rock store was not supposed to work that way, so
I hope this little information helps to advance integration with

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