Re: [squid-users] A way to redirect google/Youtube SSL

From: Steve Hill <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 16:13:25 +0000

On 28.11.12 13:52, David Touzeau wrote:

> Since Google and Youtube "force" browser to use SSL we have lake of
> statistics and web filtering with Squid.
> I would like if there is a good way in order to redirect SSL requests to
> google/Youtube to non-encrypted requests ?

Google allow you to do this by redirecting requests to
Look at the link at the bottom of the page - "Information for school
network administrators about the No-SSL option".

You can follow their advice and bodge DNS records into your DNS server,
add the address to your /etc/hosts file, or use an ICAP server to
rewrite the CONNECT requests. Beware that the http traffic itself must
be unmodified (e.g. the GET and Host headers must still point at or wherever), just the IP address you connect to changes.

  - Steve
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