[squid-users] Problem with IE 10

From: Thomas Krickstadt <squid_at_krickstadt.de>
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2013 16:35:03 +0200

Dear squid users,

I apologize, if the following is a FAQ (but even after searching
the squid mail archives for the last two years I haven't found
any hint).

In the company I work for we deploy Windows 8 with IE 10. Since
then we had no problems with our squid proxy (forward) server
running for years (at last on Red Hat Enterprise Server release
6.3, squid version 3.1.19 1.el6).

Only in this combination (of Windows 8 and IE 10) we get an error
page 500 internal server error (screenshot at


all other combinations of Windows OS and IE versions and a direct
connection to Internet do function correctly. The start URL for a
fresh installed IE 10 is


Does anybody also had such an error when deploying Windows 8 and
IE 10 and found out, that a change in squid configuration helps
solving this problem? What else could be the problem?

Thank you and kind regards,

Thomas Krickstadt

Thomas Krickstadt, Berlin, Germany, <mailto:squid_at_krickstadt.de>
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