Re: [squid-users] Local Squid to Reverse Squid to

From: Christopher H. Laco <>
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2013 12:24:52 -0400

Ok, I've solved this as much as I need too without digging into the
squid source itself.

I fired up tcpdump and took a capture of the failed attempt from the
proxy to the keyserver using 3.1.19, then a capture of the successful
attempt from the proxy to the keyserver using 3.3.3
(sorry for the dots, pulled directly from tcpdump -XX)





The only difference in the request is the hostname/version in Via

The difference in the response is that for the Failure, the remote
keyserver is actually the one returning the Squid Access Denied page.
That wasn't apparent since my local proxy default is also "localhost".

14:59:10.690245 IP > Flags
[P.], seq 1:1389, ack 293, win 65535, length 1388
0x0000: 0800 2788 0ca6 5254 0012 3502 0800 4500 ..'...RT..5...E.
0x0010: 0594 6563 0000 4006 4dfe 5bbd 5a37 0a00[.Z7..
0x0020: 020f 0050 cb2f 1205 4802 3a61 994a 5018 ...P./..H.:a.JP.
0x0030: ffff 0054 0000 4854 5450 2f31 2e30 2034 ...T..HTTP/1.0.4
0x0040: 3033 2046 6f72 6269 6464 656e 0d0a 5365 03.Forbidden..Se
0x0050: 7276 6572 3a20 7371 7569 642f 332e 312e rver:.squid/3.1.
0x0060: 3139 0d0a 4d69 6d65 2d56 6572 7369 6f6e 19..Mime-Version
0x0070: 3a20 312e 300d 0a44 6174 653a 2053 756e :.1.0..Date:.Sun
0x0080: 2c20 3037 2041 7072 2032 3031 3320 3134 ,.07.Apr.2013.14
0x0090: 3a35 393a 3130 2047 4d54 0d0a 436f 6e74 :59:10.GMT..Cont
0x00a0: 656e 742d 5479 7065 3a20 7465 7874 2f68 ent-Type:.text/h
0x00b0: 746d 6c0d 0a43 6f6e 7465 6e74 2d4c 656e tml..Content-Len
0x00c0: 6774 683a 2033 3430 380d 0a58 2d53 7175 gth:.3408..X-Squ
0x00d0: 6964 2d45 7272 6f72 3a20 4552 525f 4143 id-Error:.ERR_AC
0x00e0: 4345 5353 5f44 454e 4945 4420 300d 0a56 CESS_DENIED.0..V

At this point, I changed visible_hostname to something other than
localhost, and now the requests through 3.1.19 work as expected.

So, with that said, it seems that this problem is some form of logic
issue within the 3.1.19 codebase where if the source and upstream
proxies are named the same (and the same version*), shenanigans ensue
with the upstream proxy response. Maybe this is a setting somewhere I
don't know about or some form of circular processing protection gone

*Now, even more interesting, if I change visible_hostname to localhost
in the 3.3.3 version and make the request to the upstream keyserver,
things also work. Maybe this is just an issue with the 3.1.x codebase
as it was. I might test this local with a few test proxy servers and
various visible_hostname incantations.

To recap:

  - 3.1.19 visible_hostname defaults to localhost. always change it. :-)
  - 3.3.3 visible_hostname defaults to gethosename()
  - 3.1.19 connecting to an upstream 3.1.19, both with the same name
"localhost" returns access denied.
  - should probably fix it's visible_hostname setting.

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