[squid-users] Outlook / ActiveSync Problems

From: Wolfgang Grim <grim_at_banet.at>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 07:56:13 +0200

Hi everybody,

we are running Squid in production mode since two weeks and experiencing problems with Outlook Anywhere / ActiveSync Connections. Especially when Attachments > 1 MB are sent, they are stuck in the Outbox. Our config looks like this:

never_direct allow all

cache_peer parent 443 0 ssl no-query originserver login=PASS sslflags=DONT_VERIFY_PEER name=exchangePeer
acl exchangeACL dstdomain owa.xyz.com
cache_peer_access exchangePeer allow exchangeACL
http_access allow exchangeACL

http_access deny all

http_port accel defaultsite=prophi.xyz.com vhost
https_port accel cert=/etc/squid3/certificates/wildcard.crt key=/etc/squid3/certificates/privkey.key defaultsite=prophi.xyz.com protocol=https vhost

The squid server is secured by a Vyatta virtual firewall.

Your help is highly appriciated.

Best regards!
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