Re: [squid-users] high memory usage (squid 3.2.0)

From: Mr Dash Four <>
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2013 18:33:53 +0100

Squidblacklist wrote:
> Well you can have max cachemem object set to 512k, but only if you give
> it something reasonable like, 2GB of ram or more, as opposed to the
> 200mb it currently has. Because with it set to 512k its filling your
> ram up very quickly with large objects, if you insist on only allowing
> 200mb ram for squid, then yes, I would reduce it to 64k or increase the
> cache mem from 200mb to something like 1GB since you have 2GB in that
> box and clearly have some more ram to feed it.
I see. The previous cache_mem setting used to be 1GB, but I reduced it
since squid's own memory usage was getting, again, over 1.3GB (at which
point, all other applications suffer as there is no room for anything
else!), so, clearly, if the maximum_object_size_in_memory is reduced,
then I suppose squid's memory footprint will have to go down too, which
makes the cache_mem option a bit useless.
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