Re: [squid-users] oddity with squid 3.3.2 and https

From: Brett Lymn <>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 15:16:47 +0930

On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 04:16:49PM +1200, Amos Jeffries wrote:
> >
> >The script just strips off the ntlm/kerberos bits in
> >front of the username so the upstream "security" device sees a username
> >it understands. I put the ACL on the never_direct because it is a
> >"slow" ACL evaluation and fires the rewrite in a, supposedly, harmless
> >manner.
> >Not sure why only https is affected, everything did work with squid
> >3.1.19.
> Probably not just HTTPS. The warning will occur on any request being
> passed to this ACL without authentication credentials.

Well, for some reason only peer selection for unauthenticated CONNECTs
fails. I am not sure why, I have no rules for cache peer access that
involve CONNECT.

> The result you are getting is telling you that the request is *not*
> authenticated which the config file is assuming.
> The %LOGIN format code requires authentication credentials in order to
> do the helper lookup. never_direct is not a suitable place to be
> performing auth challenge responses, so the warning is displayed instead
> of triggering the auth sequence.

Is this something new? I didn't see this in 3.1.19.

> >I can work around this by putting a bunch of never_direct deny
> >statements for all the acl's that permit access without authentication
> >but this is a bit tedious.
> If you auth-bypass any traffic in http_access you need to do it
> consistently in all the other places of your config you are relying on
> credentials. Like these never_direct rules.

I don't rely on authentication for never_direct - I don't need to do
that. All I need to do is have the external ACL evaluatated so that the
username gets rewritten. I may have misinterpreted what you said but a
while back when you helped me with setting up the rewrite I thought you
said that never_direct was a safe place to put this. That must have
changed I guess.

> The best solution would probably be to place this ACL on the http_access
> line where you are accepting auth credentials.

You mean something like:

acl auth proxy_auth REQUIRED
http_access allow auth user_rewrite

Brett Lymn
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