[squid-users] Per user bandwidth usage counting

From: Wiktor Koncki <wkoncki_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 19:35:20 +0200


l have been googling quite a lot recently to find if squid can provide
me with a tool to control how much data users can transfer through my
proxy server. Unfortunately all i got were topics about people trying
to limit per user transfers to 1 mb/s for instance. Since I've run out
of luck I decided to ask about it here.

My requirements are as follows:
I have a mysql database with users and their passwords in it. I'm
looking for a way to provide them a monthly or weekly transfer limit
like 1000MB. If they run out of it, then their login should be denied
access from the server. Is this possible to do with squid? We allow
users to connect to the server via SSH tunnel (for those who need more
privacy). Not sure if this is important.

I'd appreciate any help in finding solution to this.

Thanks alot
Wiktor Koncki, Poland
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