[squid-users] Youtube Changes

From: Ghassan Gharabli <sounarose_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 19:07:29 +0300


Did anyone notice the changes with youtube videplayback url?. I have
noticed that most of the youtube videos are no longer cached because
its id is not static anymore .

Most videos starts with "o" id= o- .

I even changed my perl script to rewrite each videoplayback request to
remove range and I could successfully get the whole video file into
youtube player , but this is not my target .

I also tried to get the video_id and save it to each videoplayback ,
but it was saving successfully if i watch each video .. Starting to
send much more opening videos at the same time but perl starts to save
a random video id to each videoplayback request which is not good at
all .

I have noticed that each video page has a file get_video_info which
includes all urls related to the video and also the video_id is
included so does anyone have any more ideas . The only way is to get
the $video_id from each video request and keep video playback on hold
because now we need to compare the $cpn which is being common between
videoplayback\? url & s\? . Can we compare the $cpn using Squid since
we are getting requests line by line!. For Example, we read s\? and
get the "&video_id" and "&cpn" reserve it and then we search for the
videoplayback which has the common "&cpn" , if cpn matched , then save
the video_id that was with the same 'CPN" .

Is it hard with Squid? . What is the solution?

I already tried Php coding but perl was better..
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