[squid-users] Regarding squid proxy deployment

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Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 22:30:09 -0700

I am he whom is such qualified and available. I specialist in
blacklisting filters with squid as you may have allready guessed.

As far as caching youtube is concerned you have two options, run a
secondary squid 2.7 proxy on the same box to handle the youtube
content, because squid3.x cant do this. And I recomment running both
cproxies because squid3 is a more refined program, heaps of bug fixes
etc. basically you would be leaning on the squid3 for the primary
workload and the squid 2.7 for the youtube content.

Now thats one solution, the other, allows for you to use a single
squid3.x proxy, but you need to pay a fee to use the youtube caching
service and it isnt cheap.



For pricing.

The youtube caching is probably the biggest obsticle, settings up a
squid otherwise is a piece of cake, likewise, filtering content is also
a snap.

I am available. Hourly rates are 70per hour.

Est 2 hours min for squid cache without youtube caching.

Est 5 hours min for squid cache with youtube caching.

Payment can be made via paypal.


Fix Nichols

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