RE: [squid-users] Access Problem to VMWARE, IBM and through Squid

From: Babelo Gmvsdm <>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 12:26:08 +0200

Hi, First of all Thx Amos for your enlightenment, even if  I had to admit that it's not yet all clear for me, My knowledge of proxy is very light. So a little update about my last post. I told that blocking the access to is not a solution, so it's not really true. Usually I block sites using DBs used by SquidGuard, and here this method does not work (I don't know why). But, blocking via Squid ACL works, I mean there is no popup anymore and websites are accessible, so it's not a perfect solution but a least is helps. If you have an Idea of what I could do to solve this better that this patch it would be great. At least thx for all you have already done. HErC.
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