[squid-users] reverse proxy redirect https

From: Stefan Frei <stefan.a.frei_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 14:12:56 +0200

Hello there

I have the following configuration:

#acl port80 myport 80

#acl site1 dstdomain www.betterhomes.ch

#acl site2 dstdomain www.betterhomes.de

#acl site3 dstdomain www.betterhomes-international.com

#acl site4 dstdomain www.betterhomes.at

#http_access deny port80 site1

#http_access deny port80 site2

#http_access deny port80 site3

#http_access deny port80 site4

#deny_info https://www.betterhomes.ch site1

#deny_info https://www.betterhomes.de site2

#deny_info https://www.betterhomes-international.com site3

#deny_info https://www.betterhomes.at site4

The problem ist hat the URI, for example www.betterhomes.ch/about/ is
not preserved in the redirection.

So in fact a user which requests http://www.betterhomes.ch/about/ is
then redirected to https://www.betterhomes.ch/

Instead of the correct url which would be https://www.betterhomes.ch/about/ .

Is there any way similar to apache mod_rewrite to pass the uri part
into a variable and append to the redirect rule ?


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