Re: [squid-users] Apache Traffic Server vs Squid

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 19:09:37 +1300

On 13 October 2013 18:57, Amos Jeffries <> wrote:
> On 13/10/2013 12:44 p.m., Eliezer Croitoru wrote:

> Interesting, but this is 2 years old and as you may be aware things are
> moving quickly here at Squid. The list on page 3 seems not to be correct for
> Squid either. The one under threaded is wrong. We call Squid
> single-threaded, and event-driven software that is normal, but that is not
> completely true and has not been since around 2003 when threaded storage

No later than 1998 (possibly earlier, but I can't be bothered digging
into the detail).
Changes to squid-1.2.beta13 (Feb 4, 1998):
        - Completely rewritten aiops.c that creates and manages a pool
          of threads so thread creation overhead is eliminated (SLF).

> The biggest problem Squid has to deal with that ATS does not (yet), is
> legacy installations. Admin are installing new relatively freshly built ATS
> and comparing against old Squid versions or Squid configured with nasty
> hacks intended to solve long obsolete browser/server problems. Witness that
> even Lief marked Squid as not supporting multiple threads in 2011 when cache
> store threading was added early 2000's, and not allowing plugins when eCAP
> was added in 2008 and add-on helpers supported since early 2000's as well
> (but helpers are not thought of as "plugins" by some apparently).

Changes to Squid-2.1 (November 16, 1998):
        - Moved functions common to dns.c, redirect.c, authenticate.c,
          ipcache.c, and fqdncache.c into helper.c.

So also added no later than 1998 (and IIRC part of 1.x still).

> It is simply that until the recent renaissance with OS upgrades many
> administrators have been dealing with Squid-2.x releases - and many still
> are unfortunately. Not to mention the squid.conf hacks often staying in
> place long after they are useless or harmful.
> /sorry if that sounds like a rant. I know those reading this will mostly be
> the converted.

Preach it :)

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