Re: [squid-users] Re: Help Squid ytimg

From: Eliezer Croitoru <>
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 15:26:42 +0300

SO how do we match this:
2013/10/13 09:11:39.155 kid1| ctx: enter level 0:

refresh_pattern ^http:\/\/ytimg\.squid\.internal\/[a-z-A-Z0-9\/\-\_\.]+\.jpg

If I am right..
The above is a full and very explicit pattern that leaves no doubts at
all to the pattern compiler.

Note that using the refresh_pattern by default is not a must now in the
squid version we are talking about..(3.4)
Remove all patterns and leave only the explicit one and try to test the
caching and also the TCP_MISS/304 which are a cache result..

I have just seen something nice in the ETAG headers while reading some


On 10/13/2013 09:14 AM, calode wrote:
> Again added 22,3 to debug option and this is the log attached .
> seems it did not match the refresh of Eliezer but it matched the general jpg
> refresh pattern !!! .
> cachelog1.txt
> <>
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