[squid-users] Download Issues

From: Matthew Ceroni <matthewceroni_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 12:17:23 -0700

When downloading files from certain websites, my end users experience
intermittent issues.

On one site, WebEx, where you can download recordings, transmission
speeds start off high and then gradually go to zero and the
transmission dies. Researching this issue came across the TCP Window
Scale option. I verified that my firewall (Cisco ASA running latest
ASA software) is set to allow window scaling (it doesn't zero out the
options). The thing with this issue is I don't see anything logged to
the access log. No start of transmission or end of transmission.

Another user reported that they were receiving HTTP 500 errors when
trying to download artifacts for Artifactory (build server). When
looking at the access.log I see TCP_MISS/500 errors. Now usually HTTP
500 errors are server side errors. So I indicated this to my user
saying the server they are downloading from is returning the 500
error. They didn't agree and as a temporary work around I allowed
direct access for that server out to the internet. They now say the
issue is resolved (don't really agree with them at this point).

What is the best route to go in debugging download issues?

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