[squid-users] IPv6 + Intercept proxy

From: Mike Cardwell <squid-users_at_lists.grepular.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 12:21:10 +0100


"NAT simply does not exist in IPv6. By Design."

This is no longer true as of Linux 3.7 + IPTables 1.4.17.

I wanted to introduce a transparent caching web proxy on my network,
however most of my clients are dual IP stack. As it stands, if I use
Squid, whenever those clients connect to an IPv6 address instead of
an IPv4 address, they will bypass the caching proxy.

Is there a plan to make the "intercept" argument to "http_port" work
with IPv6?

P.S. Sorry if this email comes through twice. I sent it from the wrong
address last time.

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