Re: [squid-users] Need Some Help

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 19:25:44 +1300

On 20/10/2013 8:13 a.m., Jermster wrote:
> I need some help plz.
> - I'm running Windows XP Home Edition
> - I have a SMC8014WN Modem
> - I'm assigned a WAN address from my SP
> - I currently have Squid

NP: squid-2. is extremely old. Please get a squid-2.7 version from I am working on Squid-3 for Windows
release, but am not at the stage of available binaries yet (it is
self-build with patches all the way for 3.3 right now).

> I want to be able to connect outside my Network, Remotely.

*to* or *from* the remote location?

 From the description below I will assume *from* remote location into
your Squid.

> I can connect within my LAN but no one not even me, can connect to my WAN
> address through Squid.

Good. WAN address means it is Internet-facing (away from Squid).
Remote clients will connect there, but it has no relationship to what is
happening on the LAN side of the gateway router NAT system or where the
LAN clients can go. Modem/routers which allow LAN clients to loop back
inside via the WAN IP are a major source of problems.

LAN clients (local) should connect to the proxy LAN IP on port 3128.
WAN clients (remote) shoudl connet to the WAN IP on port 3128.

> I added both my LAN IP & my WAN IP to squid.conf

How? where in squid.conf?

What access controls do you have setup?

> I forwarded :3128 on my Modem

Okay. Good. This is all that should be necessary for the traffic to
reach Squid.

> I added squid.exe to my Firewall, no restrictions.

Okay. Should not be strictly necessary, but wont hurt too much.

> Now is there anyway to connect to a assigned WAN address using Squid?

Connecting and using are two very different things.

==> The port 3128 forwarding which you have done should be all that is
required for connections to be setup from remote to the proxy *if* the
remote users browser/software is explicitly configured to use the proxy
WAN IP on port 3128.

==> The unmentioned squid.conf changes will determing whether the proxy
use is permitted or rejected.

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