[squid-users] OS X Server 3.0 on Mavericks -> Squid -> Multiple Outgoing IPs

From: dmoore8883 <dustin_at_pgiauto.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 10:39:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hi guys, I'm attempting to run squid as a proxy server on my OS X Server 3.0
installation. I have 3 IPs assigned to the machine. I've tried a couple of
different options as seen below to get multiple outgoing IPs to work. What I
would like to happen is if a request comes to then the outgoing
address is So on and so forth with the 3 IPs I have. Here are the
2 configurations I have tried.

-----Configuration 1------

http_port name=3129
http_port name=3130

acl tasty3129 myportname 3129 src
http_access allow tasty3129
tcp_outgoing_address tasty3129

acl tasty3130 myportname 3130 src
http_access allow tasty3130
tcp_outgoing_address tasty3130

--In the above I'm not sure what src should actually be---
If I have source as localhost or the ip of my computer that I'm testing from
ipchicken tells me that my IP is the base IP of the machine .186.

----Configuration 2---------

acl ip1 myip
acl ip2 myip
acl ip3 myip
tcp_outgoing_address ip1
tcp_outgoing_address ip2
tcp_outgoing_address ip3

---In config 2 if I use .186 as my proxy (the base machine address) it works
like a charm via proxy settings thru another computer's firefox or if I do
something like curl --proxy --trace - www.whatsmyip.us

However if I try to replace .186 with .187 I get a weird index of html page
via a browser or via terminal with curl I get a message that says:
Connection #0 to host left intact

I'm new to this so I'm probably missing something so basic it's laughable.
But if anyone out there has an idea of what I could be doing wrong, I would
greatly appreciate it. I haven't been able to find a guide for the mac
that's complete but I assume in network I would need an ethernet interface
for each IP. (Which I have) Not sure what other settings need to be setup
there though. Proxy Settings? If so what should the settings be?

Thanks in advance

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