Re: [squid-users] websocket support

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2014 19:04:08 +1200

On 7/06/2014 1:40 a.m., Stan Holmes wrote:
> Hi Amos
> Iım used to installing packages for Ubuntu. Do you have a basic doc to
> assist me compile and install.

> Secondly Iım based in London UK - Do you know a Squid expert (contract)
> who could assist in getting three servers configured, caching SSL MP3
> files, using websockets and having master / slave proxies.

The Squid Project has a list of commercial providers offering Squid support.

You maybe able to find a local vendor in there. Or one of the other list
subscribers may be able to help

What you are asking for is relatively basic, so you may also be able to
just ask here and get the answers. Or find them in

> caching SSL MP3 files,
 - check with a lawyer first. This comes under wire tapping and spying
(loose anti-terrorism laws) in some countries. Requires govt sanction
some for some uses.

Note that this SSL requirement may break WebSockets.

If the MP3 files are being transferred as ICY, RTMP, RSTP, or RTP
protocols they are not cacheable. Squid can only proxy audio using ICY,
FTP, gopher, or HTTP - with caching only available in the later 3 protocols.

> using websockets

Not relevant beynd those bugs I mentioned, which are fixed in
squid-3.4.5. The biggest problem will be lack of WebSockets client
software support for HTTP proxy CONNECT requests.

> and having master / slave proxies.

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