[squid-users] Squid 3.4.5 Centos RPMs is OUT.

From: Eliezer Croitoru <eliezer_at_ngtech.co.il>
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2014 19:57:11 +0300

I am happy to release the new RPMs of squid 3.4.5 for Centos 6.5 32bit
and 64bit CPUs.

Sorry for the delay due to a more in-depth tests of the new release.
The new release includes couple bug fixes but the daily fixes for couple
log format issues was not ported into this RPM so sorry.

Since I started releasing the RPMs I try to choose a subject to cover
the RPM release with more then just an announcement.
- I am looking for subjects to write about and that are of interest to
the users list participants.

I have tried to not touch StoreID subjects due to my relationship with
the code but I wanted to take the time and focus on a specific subject
with StoreID.

StoreID means to de-duplicate exact match content that is identified by
different urls on different domains\hosts.
One of the main issues that is built-in almost any apache web-server and
many others is with ETAG.
ETAG should identify the object uniquely and squid do try to use this
specific header to identify stale objects in the cache.
The usage of ETAG when not really needed can make cache life harder.
It means that every object which has two ETAG headers cannot be cached
Apache uses three variables to form the ETAG of a file:
- modification time
- size
- inode number in the FS

The above makes the ETAG represent a very unique identifier to a
resource\object but it makes the ETAG local only to the specific server.
The example of different ETAG to the same object can be in the case of
multiple servers in a cluster which is being load-balanced.
These servers can have the same physical network segment but still have
a different ETAG.

The good the bad and the ugly of the issue:
Good is that you always "know" as a cache from what server you
downloaded the file.
Bad since it's hard to de-duplicate with StoreID
Ugly since there is no need in a linux distro mirror which already uses
sha and other hashes to verify the file content.

So in general all linux distros mirrors can remove safely the ETAG
unless it will be absolute for all.

And The other related subject is the new API of unveiltech.com for StoreID:
The idea is very nice and I was asked about helpers in other languages
then PHP so I came up with three languages perl,python,ruby.
The scripts can be found here:

Like always a nice video about UNIX OS from AT&T archives:

The above video can show the big difference between old times systems to
our days systems when you can see that every document is being checked
millions of times compared to a dictionary when in old times it could
took couple seconds to do the same trick.

* Any notes and comments are wanted and welcome!

There is a new format for the RPM's since there is no need for sysvinit
separated package.
Also to resolve couple helpers dependencies issues which cannot be met
by CentOS BASE repo I made the helpers package and also to separate the
helpers from the core of squid.

The RPMS at:

The package includes 3 RPMs one for the squid core one for the helpers,
the other is for debuging.

Also note that I have release a i686 package at:

The package includes 3 RPMs one for the squid core and helpers, the
other is for debuging and the third is the init script.

To Each and everyone of them there is an *asc* file which contains PGP and
MD5 SHA1 SHA2 SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 hashes.

I also released the SRPM which is very simple at:

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