AW: [squid-users] MAPI over HTTP

From: Martin Fuchs <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 12:54:27 +0200

On 16/06/2014 2:36 a.m., Martin Fuchs wrote:
>> Hi !
>> Does anyone have experience with MAPI over HTTP used in Microsoft
exchange server 2013 SP1 in conjunction with squid (as a reverse proxy) ?
>> Somehow it seems that it does not work with auth = PASS.
>> If anyone got it working, please let me know.
>> Regards,
>> Martin

>This may help you:

>*apparently* MAPI should work find over any HTTP software such as Squid.
>The long-polling connections it uses are just standard HTTP transactions
that take a very long time.

>What do you mean by "auth = PASS" ?


I also think it should work out oft he box, but somehow it does not :-(
We're using Squid Cache: Version 3.1.22 and the line in the config reads

https_port accel
defaultsite=host.domain.tld vhost
cache_peer parent 443 0 proxy-only no-query originserver
login=PASS ssl sslflags=DONT_VERIFY_PEER front-end-https=on

there we are using the (sorry, it's not auth=PASS) login=PASS parameter, but
we always get the popup for the credentials for external access.

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