Welcome to my very quick squid page. I'm one of the squid committers and I'm also the mail postmaster in my spare time.

Here are some quick caching-related links that may be of interest (they are to me!)

Here are some of the talks I've presented involving squid in the last couple of years.

Cyclic FS work

The COSS improvements are now in Squid-2.6; It seems quite stable. Check it out!

Some notes from a Squid-dev person circa 2001; the points are still valid but at least the code is stable. This has some profiling information from Steven Wilton showing COSS off in production.

Todo list

Its In the Wiki now.

IPv6 from Husni against Squdi-2.6.STABLE13 - tidied up - s26_s13_ipv6_1.diff

If you find anything that you think should be on here, you can email me at adrian@creative.net.au.