Distributing Caching on Large IP Networks


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Table of Contents

Distributing Caching on Large IP Networks

Why Cache?

Caching Problems Today

Inter-cache communication


Cache Digests

Caching a large network - a case study

Cache Objectives

Backbone Europe

Backbone US

Cache Backbone

Backbone POP Design

NL Core Network Topology

Single Cache Cluster

Single Cache Cluster (2)

Hierarchy construction

Problems with conventional hierarchies

How to ‘route’ cache peer selection

Cache pre-population

Melting squid caches

Melting squid caches – filesystem performance

Melting squid caches - IFS

Melting squid caches – poor network performance

Melting squid caches – ICP

Melting squid caches – other problems

Caching – the next level

Questions and Answers

The End

Author: Adrian Chadd