Http::One::ChunkExtensionValueParser Class Referenceabstract

#include <TeChunkedParser.h>

Inheritance diagram for Http::One::ChunkExtensionValueParser:

Public Types

typedef ::Parser::Tokenizer Tokenizer

Public Member Functions

virtual void parse (Tokenizer &tok, const SBuf &extName)=0
 extracts and then interprets (or ignores) the extension value More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void Ignore (Tokenizer &tok, const SBuf &extName)
 extracts and ignores the value of a named extension More...

Detailed Description

A customizable parser of a single chunk extension value (chunk-ext-val). From RFC 7230 section 4.1.1 and its Errata #4667: chunk-ext = *( BWS ";" BWS chunk-ext-name [ BWS "=" BWS chunk-ext-val ] ) chunk-ext-name = token chunk-ext-val = token / quoted-string

Definition at line 29 of file TeChunkedParser.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Tokenizer

Member Function Documentation

◆ Ignore()

void Http::One::ChunkExtensionValueParser::Ignore ( Tokenizer tok,
const SBuf extName 

◆ parse()

virtual void Http::One::ChunkExtensionValueParser::parse ( Tokenizer tok,
const SBuf extName 
pure virtual

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