Option Name:wccp2_service
Default Value:none
Suggested Config:

	WCCP2 allows for multiple traffic services. There are two
	types: "standard" and "dynamic". The standard type defines
	one service id - http (id 0). The dynamic service ids can be from
	51 to 255 inclusive.  In order to use a dynamic service id
	one must define the type of traffic to be redirected; this is done
	using the wccp2_service_info option.

	The "standard" type does not require a wccp2_service_info option,
	just specifying the service id will suffice.

	MD5 service authentication can be enabled by adding
	"password=<password>" to the end of this service declaration.


	wccp2_service standard 0	# for the 'web-cache' standard service
	wccp2_service dynamic 80	# a dynamic service type which will be
					# fleshed out with subsequent options.
	wccp2_service standard 0 password=foo