Option Name:access_log
Default Value:none
Suggested Config:
access_log /usr/local/squid/var/logs/access.log squid

	These files log client request activities. Has a line every HTTP or
	ICP request. The format is:
	access_log <filepath> [<logformat name> [acl acl ...]]
	access_log none [acl acl ...]]

	Will log to the specified file using the specified format (which
	must be defined in a logformat directive) those entries which match
	ALL the acl's specified (which must be defined in acl clauses).
	If no acl is specified, all requests will be logged to this file.

	To disable logging of a request use the filepath "none", in which case
	a logformat name should not be specified.

	To log the request via syslog specify a filepath of "syslog":

	access_log syslog[:facility.priority] [format [acl1 [acl2 ....]]]
	where facility could be any of:
	authpriv, daemon, local0 .. local7 or user.

	And priority could be any of:
	err, warning, notice, info, debug.