Option Name:quick_abort_pct
Default Value:quick_abort_pct 95
Suggested Config:

	The cache by default continues downloading aborted requests
	which are almost completed (less than 16 KB remaining). This
	may be undesirable on slow (e.g. SLIP) links and/or very busy
	caches.  Impatient users may tie up file descriptors and
	bandwidth by repeatedly requesting and immediately aborting

	When the user aborts a request, Squid will check the
	quick_abort values to the amount of data transfered until

	If the transfer has less than 'quick_abort_min' KB remaining,
	it will finish the retrieval.

	If the transfer has more than 'quick_abort_max' KB remaining,
	it will abort the retrieval.

	If more than 'quick_abort_pct' of the transfer has completed,
	it will finish the retrieval.

	If you do not want any retrieval to continue after the client
	has aborted, set both 'quick_abort_min' and 'quick_abort_max'
	to '0 KB'.

	If you want retrievals to always continue if they are being
	cached set 'quick_abort_min' to '-1 KB'.