[squid-users] HELP::stable transparent squid

From: Vicky Shrestha <mail@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 20:42:49 +0530

Hello squid-users,

  I am using L4 switch and transparent squid proxy servers .

  the problem is the squid proxy servers keeps on crashing once or
  twice a day.I thought it was because of nimda.I have even applied
  acl to block nimda and I can see it's been denied . But still the
  squid doesn't stop crashing.Maybe there is some config error.

  I am using :
  Linux version2.2.14-12 in two of my proxies

  In the next two proxies I am using:
Linux version 2.4.7-10

The error message I get are:
1.kernel panic:Unable to handle virtual address blah. blah... blah..
2. kernel panic: killing Interrupt handler
3. kernel panic : unable to kill idle task

I even tried squid-2.4.STABLE but it had some problem with trans

Please HELP....

Best regards,
Vicky Shrestha  
System Administrator
World Link Communications                        mailto:mail@vickysh.wlink.com.np
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