Gadgets.h File Reference
#include "acl/forward.h"
#include "error/forward.h"
#include <sstream>
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void aclRegister (ACL *acl)
void aclDestroyAccessList (acl_access **list)
void aclDestroyAcls (ACL **)
 called to delete ALL Acls. More...
void aclDestroyAclList (ACLList **)
void aclParseAccessLine (const char *directive, ConfigParser &parser, Acl::Tree **)
size_t aclParseAclList (ConfigParser &parser, Acl::Tree **, const char *label)
template<class Any >
size_t aclParseAclList (ConfigParser &parser, Acl::Tree **tree, const Any any)
 Template to convert various context labels to strings. More...
int aclIsProxyAuth (const char *name)
err_type aclGetDenyInfoPage (AclDenyInfoList **head, const char *name, int redirect_allowed)
void aclParseDenyInfoLine (AclDenyInfoList **)
void aclDestroyDenyInfoList (AclDenyInfoList **)
wordlistaclDumpGeneric (const ACL *)
void aclCacheMatchFlush (dlink_list *cache)
void dump_acl_access (StoreEntry *entry, const char *name, acl_access *head)
void dump_acl_list (StoreEntry *entry, ACLList *head)

Function Documentation

◆ aclParseAclList()

size_t aclParseAclList ( ConfigParser parser,
Acl::Tree **  treep,
const char *  label 

Parses a single line of a "some context followed by acls" directive (e.g., note n v). The label parameter identifies the context (for debugging).

the number of parsed ACL names

Definition at line 188 of file

References Acl::Tree::add(), Packable::appendf(), assert, cfg_directive, config_input_line, MemBuf::content(), ACL::context(), MemBuf::init(), Acl::InnerNode::lineParse(), and MemBuf::terminate().

Referenced by aclParseAclList(), ConfigParser::optionalAclList(), Notes::parse(), parse_access_log(), parse_acl_address(), parse_acl_b_size_t(), parse_acl_tos(), parse_HeaderWithAclList(), parse_sslproxy_cert_adapt(), and parse_sslproxy_cert_sign().






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