low-level parser that extracts but does not interpret ACL options More...

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Public Member Functions

bool extractOne ()
const SBufvalue () const
 extracted option value (requires hasValue) More...

Public Attributes

SBuf name
 extracted option name, including dash(es) More...
bool hasValue = false
 whether the option has a value (-x=value) More...

Protected Member Functions

bool advance ()
 extracts a token with the next option/flag(s) or returns false More...
void extractWhole ()
 handles -x[=option] or –foo[=option] More...
void extractShort ()
 handles one flag letter inside an -xyx[=option] or +xyz[=option] sequence More...

Private Attributes

SBuf prefix_
 option name(s), including leading dash(es) More...
SBuf value_
 the last seen value of some option More...
SBuf::size_type letterPos_ = 0
 letter position inside an -xyz sequence More...
bool sawValue_ = false
 the current option sequence had a value More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file Options.cc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ advance()

bool Acl::OptionExtractor::advance ( )

◆ extractOne()

bool Acl::OptionExtractor::extractOne ( )

parses the next option and fills public members with its details

whether option extraction was successful

Definition at line 84 of file Options.cc.

References TexcHere, and ToSBuf().

Referenced by Acl::OptionsParser::parse().

◆ extractShort()

void Acl::OptionExtractor::extractShort ( )

Definition at line 154 of file Options.cc.

References debugs.

◆ extractWhole()

void Acl::OptionExtractor::extractWhole ( )

Definition at line 144 of file Options.cc.

References debugs.

◆ value()

const SBuf & Acl::OptionExtractor::value ( ) const

Definition at line 77 of file Options.cc.

References Must.

Referenced by Acl::OptionsParser::parse().

Member Data Documentation

◆ hasValue

bool Acl::OptionExtractor::hasValue = false

Definition at line 31 of file Options.cc.

Referenced by Acl::OptionsParser::parse().

◆ letterPos_

SBuf::size_type Acl::OptionExtractor::letterPos_ = 0

Definition at line 42 of file Options.cc.

◆ name

SBuf Acl::OptionExtractor::name

Definition at line 30 of file Options.cc.

Referenced by Acl::OptionsParser::parse().

◆ prefix_

SBuf Acl::OptionExtractor::prefix_

Definition at line 40 of file Options.cc.

◆ sawValue_

bool Acl::OptionExtractor::sawValue_ = false

Definition at line 43 of file Options.cc.

◆ value_

SBuf Acl::OptionExtractor::value_

Definition at line 41 of file Options.cc.

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