an error page created from admin-configurable metadata (e.g. deny_info) More...

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Public Member Functions

 ErrorDynamicPageInfo (const int anId, const char *aName, const SBuf &aCfgLocation)
 ~ErrorDynamicPageInfo ()

Public Attributes

int id
 error_text[] index for response body (unused in redirection responses) More...
char * page_name
const char * uri
 admin-configured HTTP Location header value for redirection responses More...
const char * filename
 admin-configured name for the error page template (custom or standard) More...
SBuf cfgLocation
 deny_info directive position in squid.conf (for reporting) More...
Http::StatusCode page_redirect
 admin-configured HTTP status code More...

Private Member Functions

 ErrorDynamicPageInfo (ErrorDynamicPageInfo &&)=delete

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ErrorDynamicPageInfo() [1/2]

ErrorDynamicPageInfo::ErrorDynamicPageInfo ( const int  anId,
const char *  aName,
const SBuf aCfgLocation 

◆ ~ErrorDynamicPageInfo()

ErrorDynamicPageInfo::~ErrorDynamicPageInfo ( )

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References page_name, and xfree.

◆ ErrorDynamicPageInfo() [2/2]

ErrorDynamicPageInfo::ErrorDynamicPageInfo ( ErrorDynamicPageInfo &&  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ cfgLocation

SBuf ErrorDynamicPageInfo::cfgLocation

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◆ filename

const char* ErrorDynamicPageInfo::filename

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Referenced by ErrorDynamicPageInfo().

◆ id

int ErrorDynamicPageInfo::id

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◆ page_name

char* ErrorDynamicPageInfo::page_name

Primary deny_info parameter:

  • May start with an HTTP status code.
  • Either a well-known error page name, a filename, or a redirect URL.

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Referenced by ErrorDynamicPageInfo(), and ~ErrorDynamicPageInfo().

◆ page_redirect

Http::StatusCode ErrorDynamicPageInfo::page_redirect

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Referenced by ErrorDynamicPageInfo().

◆ uri

const char* ErrorDynamicPageInfo::uri

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Referenced by ErrorDynamicPageInfo().

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