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#include "squid.h"
#include "mem/AllocatorProxy.h"
#include "mem/forward.h"
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void * memAllocBuf (const size_t netSize, size_t *const grossSize)
void * memReallocBuf (void *const oldBuf, const size_t netSize, size_t *const grossSize)
void memFree (void *memory, int)
 Free a element allocated by memAllocate() More...
void * memAllocString (const size_t netSize, size_t *const grossSize)
void memFreeString (size_t, void *memory)
void * memAllocRigid (const size_t netSize)
void memFreeRigid (void *const buf, size_t)
void memFreeBuf (size_t, void *const buf)
static void myFree (void *const buf)
FREEmemFreeBufFunc (size_t)


static int Alive = 0

Function Documentation

◆ memAllocBuf()

void * memAllocBuf ( const size_t  netSize,
size_t *const  grossSize 

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Referenced by memAllocString().

◆ memAllocRigid()

void * memAllocRigid ( const size_t  netSize)

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◆ memAllocString()

void * memAllocString ( const size_t  netSize,
size_t *const  grossSize 

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◆ memFree()

void memFree ( void *  memory,
int  type 

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◆ memFreeBuf()

void memFreeBuf ( size_t  size,
void *const  buf 

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◆ memFreeBufFunc()

FREE * memFreeBufFunc ( size_t  size)

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◆ memFreeRigid()

void memFreeRigid ( void *const  buf,
size_t  net_size 

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◆ memFreeString()

void memFreeString ( size_t  size,
void *  memory 

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◆ memReallocBuf()

void * memReallocBuf ( void *const  oldBuf,
const size_t  netSize,
size_t *const  grossSize 

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◆ myFree()

static void myFree ( void *const  buf)

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References xfree.

Referenced by memFreeBufFunc().

Variable Documentation

◆ Alive

int Alive = 0

The number of currently alive objects (poor man's meter.alloc=meter.inuse). Technically, this is supposed to be a per-allocator statistics, but AllocatorProxy is not a Mem::Allocator so we maintain a global counter instead. We probably do not have to maintain this statistics at all.

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