net_db.h File Reference
#include "hash.h"
#include "ip/forward.h"
#include "mem/forward.h"
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class  net_db_name
class  net_db_peer
class  netdbEntry


void netdbInit (void)
void netdbHandlePingReply (const Ip::Address &from, int hops, int rtt)
void netdbPingSite (const char *hostname)
void netdbDump (StoreEntry *)
void netdbFreeMemory (void)
int netdbHostHops (const char *host)
int netdbHostRtt (const char *host)
void netdbUpdatePeer (const URL &, CachePeer *e, int rtt, int hops)
void netdbDeleteAddrNetwork (Ip::Address &addr)
void netdbBinaryExchange (StoreEntry *)
void netdbExchangeStart (void *)
void netdbExchangeUpdatePeer (Ip::Address &, CachePeer *, double, double)
CachePeernetdbClosestParent (HttpRequest *)
void netdbHostData (const char *host, int *samp, int *rtt, int *hops)

Function Documentation

void netdbDeleteAddrNetwork ( Ip::Address addr)

Definition at line 1164 of file

References debugs, netdbLookupAddr(), netdbRelease(), netdbEntry::network, and NULL.

Referenced by Comm::ConnOpener::sendAnswer().

void netdbFreeMemory ( void  )
void netdbHandlePingReply ( const Ip::Address from,
int  hops,
int  rtt 
void netdbHostData ( const char *  host,
int samp,
int rtt,
int hops 
int netdbHostHops ( const char *  host)
int netdbHostRtt ( const char *  host)
void netdbPingSite ( const char *  hostname)
void netdbUpdatePeer ( const URL ,
CachePeer e,
int  rtt,
int  hops 






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