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RADIUS and authentication tools:

This software is provided as is and is not supported. Anything that you find on this page is really as is. Feel free to use it, modify it or suggest it to others (within the copyright notices). But be aware that not supported really means not supported.

If your question is really interesting I might respond to your mail but the "I compiled it, tried it and it does not work, what should I do now? questions" are not answered. :-)

(This is not software that should be tried without experience with RADIUS or C)

Squid RADIUS authenticator V1.04:
Thanks to Mike McCauley who made some important bug-fixes.

A patch to 1.0.5a. This is a Patch to fix some compile time bugs (only tested with Debian Linux 1.3 & GCC-2.95-2)

Also use this byte-order patch provided by Klaus Weidner

This authenticator works with Squid-2.x without any patches. Just read the Squid FAQ and the default squid.conf for instructions how. I have tested the 1.04 kit myself on various (older) Linux and Solaris platforms. You will also find a number of users of this kit in the Squid community. Some volenteers have helped to fix bugs. Thank you all and keep up the good work...
I have an 1.06 version that consolidates most patches that I have received. It is not fully tested but as far as I can see it works on Linux and Solaris. (Make sure the portnumbers are correct because there is an old and a new definition of the RADIUS port numbers).

The support was already for a long time not really worth mentioning. Hereby I make it official: Squid-rad-auth is not supported anymore. Feel free to use it but you might want to consider PAM if your platform supports it.

I hope these tools are useful to you. Please read the Copyright statements in the sources. Not all of the tools published here are fully my own.

Marc van Selm

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