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From: Mark Visser <>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 00:17:58 +0200 (MET DST)

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Evren Yurtesen wrote:

> well yes you have answered my question but I was already aware of that page
> how may I find RFC information? what is the address? and what does MIB
> stand for? well I am a newbie on snmp yet...sorry if my questions sound stupid,

The letters stand for the title Request For Comment, which is the initial
stage in the process for creating Internet standards.
RFCs go through several stages of review and refinement before they are
adopted as final by the Internet community.

Have a look at for more information.

> the thing I want to know is if I want to change the default configuration how will
> I do it when I do not have the syntax and explanation of commands?
> well these first 2 are simple to understand,
> snmp_port 3401
> snmp_mib_path /local/squid/etc/mib.txt

ok ;)

> well, I could not exactly understand exactly what this means...
> snmp_agent_conf view all .1.3.6 included
> snmp_agent_conf view squid .1.3.6 included
> snmp_agent_conf user squid - all all public
> snmp_agent_conf user all all all all squid

I'm not totally sure here, so take with with a bit of salt, hopefully
someone who is sure about it, reply's.

This defines that everything under .1.3.6 is included in the view, so when
doing a snmpwalk you get everything.

.1.3.6 is a snmp tree, for example:

Squid is under :
                 1 3 6 1 3 25 17

Those numbers are unique in the world. No one else should use for is from Squid.

> snmp_agent_conf community public squid squid

This makes the community to view what's under squid (definied in the rules
above) is accessible with the communitystring public.

> snmp_agent_conf community readwrite all all
> well I guess I can handle access lists...
> acl snmpmanagementhosts
> snmp_acl public deny all !snmpmana


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