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From: Evren Yurtesen <>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 21:40:23 +0300

well yes you have answered my question but I was already aware of that page

how may I find RFC information? what is the address? and what does MIB
stand for? well I am a newbie on snmp yet...sorry if my questions sound stupid,

the thing I want to know is if I want to change the default configuration how will

I do it when I do not have the syntax and explanation of commands?

well these first 2 are simple to understand,
        snmp_port 3401
        snmp_mib_path /local/squid/etc/mib.txt
well, I could not exactly understand exactly what this means...
        snmp_agent_conf view all .1.3.6 included
        snmp_agent_conf view squid .1.3.6 included
        snmp_agent_conf user squid - all all public
        snmp_agent_conf user all all all all squid
        snmp_agent_conf community public squid squid
        snmp_agent_conf community readwrite all all

well I guess I can handle access lists...

        acl snmpmanagementhosts
        snmp_acl public deny all !snmpmana

Mark Visser wrote:

> On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Evren Yurtesen wrote:
> > hello
> > how may I find detailed information about snmp commands used
> > in squid.conf file?
> > thanks
> >
> Hi,
> Have a look at
> Overthere you'll find what you need to configure in your squid.conf.
> Read also the comments around the snmp variables in the config.
> That's all the detail there is at the moment. Not so much magic.
> For more info about snmp, and it's basic values you can read the manpages
> of snmp (see link on the webpage), or the RFC's on SNMP: RFC 1065, RFC
> 1066, RFC 1067, ISO IS 8824(ASN.1)
> If I misunderstood your question, please clarify it a bit.
> Mark
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