Re: Release Of Generic Proxy MIB

From: Mark Visser <>
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 01:11:52 +0200 (MET DST)

On Fri, 4 Sep 1998, Glenn Chisholm wrote:

> I have placed a generic proxy MIB on the cache-snmp web site:
> It is the first revision of a generic MIB for use with proxy/caching
> servers.
> It has, I believe no squid specific objects and should be flexible enough
> to be used by all proxy/cache servers. It is however a first revision, so
> I expect that people will request a number of changes and improvements.
> Please review it and direct any questions/comments to me.
> There will be a new revision of the squid MIB, without the proxy objects
> released in the next two weeks.
> These two MIB's will be deployed and tested in squid over the next few
> weeks/months.
> glenn

Hi Glenn,

First...there must be some spelling fixes to do ;) (hhtp -> http etc.)

Is it possible to also include something hitrate and possibly number of
users ? This isn't that Squid specific I think.
Maybe even include the LRU.

And I miss servername on which proxy is running.

From first glance it's looking quite ok. Interested to see what's in the
next Squid MIB.
I use SNMP and proxy's a lot at the moment, so I'm quite interested to see
what's going on.


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