meanings of variables in MIB?

From: Scott Prater <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 13:49:34 +0200

Hello, all --

I have Squid 2.3STABLE2 up and running with snmp access configured. I
am now successfully generating graphs of server information with mrtg
2.8.12, using the Squid MIB, version 6.

My question is more of an abstract one: what do the different items
reported in the MIB (and in cachemgr) mean? I've been able to piece
together what some of the stats mean, reading the FAQs and the
descriptions in the MIB, browsing the archives of the various squid
lists, and using logic and intuition. Is there one place where all the
different statistics are explained, for the benefit of new cache
managers like myself?


Scott Prater

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