Re: ICP & HEAD requests

From: Chris Wedgwood <>
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 19:01:13 +1200

On Mon, Sep 07, 1998 at 12:42:00AM -0600, Alex Rousskov wrote:

> 1) The reply to a zero-range GET should be, if I am not mistaken:
> 416 Requested range not satisfiable

OK, your probably right. I was testing against my hacked up version
of Apache, and it certainly does seem to support zero-range GETs.

> 2) Squid does not support partial object storage.

In the Changelog of beta23 there is this:

    - Added basic support for Range requests. For most cachable
      requests, Squid replies with an "Accept-Ranges" header. Upon
      receiving a potentially cachable Range request for a not
      cached object, Squid requests the whole object from origin
      server and then replies with specified range(s) to the
      client. Multi-range requests are supported. Adjacent
      overlapping ranges are merged. If-Range requests are
      supported. Limitations: Multi-range requests with out of
      order ranges are not supported.

Re-reading this, I see you are indeed correct and misunderstood the
second sentence.

Presumably, range-requests are another area where we can optimize
thing further, possible with a big win here, but since they are
relatively rare events and it will affect the common case code not to
mention require slightly large swap, its probably not worth it unless
modern browsers start placing more demands on the system.

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