Re: Request number handling in squid 1.2

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 17:03:04 -0600

Stephen Baxter writes:

>We are looking at altering squid to work with an ICP
>concentrator/redirector/'smart neighbour' that we have built.
>I am looking through the squid 1.2b23 code in the icpv2.c file and see
>that squid 1.2 may do something differnet to the request number based on
>the type of request it is. The ICPV2 draft says :
> Request Number
> An opaque identifier. When responding to a query, this value must
> be copied into the reply message.
>But the code that has us scratching our heads is :
> method = header.reqnum >> 24;
> /* Squid-1.1 doesn't use the "method bits" for METHOD_GET */
> if (METHOD_NONE == method || METHOD_ENUM_END <= method)
> method = METHOD_GET;
>is this the case, can anybody tell me if the request number is modified
>(by altering the high or low bits) by squid other than to increment it on
>a per ICP basis.

Yes, this hideousness is my doing.

It was originally put in to support TRACE requests. Squid needs (needed?)
an ICP reply to have both method and URL. Both are needed to build a cache

I think I can rewrite some things and make the high-bit encoding stuff
go away.

Duane W.
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