Re: External group concept

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 19:55:18 +0200

Sure, a "log format" engine can quite likely be used to drive such a
helper protocol, but strongly I dislike the idea of having to configure
a log format to define the helper protocol format..

better to say both access logging and the helper format uses the same
engine and specification format..

access_log <path> [format]

external_acl_helper_protocol <helper-name> <format>

Chemolli Francesco (USI) wrote:
> There is a more general solution to this that I have been thinking
> about for some time, and that is: parametrizing the Squid logfile format
> somehow. Something like the Apache CustomLog directive:
> i.e.
> logformat <name> <directive_specifying_logformat_somehow>
> squid_log <name_of_logformat> /path/to/squid.log
> At this point we can also do something like
> helper_protocol <helper-name> <name-of-logformat>
> Which instructs squid that the helper wants a certain protocol.
> This would allow for great flexibility in customizing helpers for
> one's needs. Of course a number of predifined formats can be
> supplied to properly emulate the current squid-helper protocols.
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>         /kinkie
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