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From: Adrian Chadd <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 00:55:53 +0800

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> > I'm definitely more than willing to work on the disk and network IO
> > side of things, if enough people are willing to work on the rest.
> > I would propose that we should write a single-threaded proxy server
> > to start with, to test out some of the above ideas.
> Ok.
> I have reasonable frameworks for poll() and Linux SIGIO based network
> code that could be put to use.

Yeah, well, I've just ripped the bits from the eventio code you
came up with a while back, and integrated it into a little network
application library I'm writing.

> For a network I/O specification, I think the eventio specification is a
> good startingpoint. Comments please.
> <>

*nod*. I should get around to putting the iapp code online for
people to play with and tidy up.

> The store API's needs to be redesigned somewhat to fit the outlined
> goals.


> My initial idea of project stages is
> 1. Basic design outline / guideline
> 2. Collect what may be useful API's and modules from current Squid
> 3. Get a reasonable I/O API's and core running. Note that there may be
> synergies between disk I/O and network I/O in some models, while other
> models have them fully separated.


> 4. A good request flow
> 5. Store API (accounting for '9' below)
> 6. Protocol API
> 7. Protocol implementations
> 8. Store implementations
> 9. Inter-cache protocol implementations
> Several of the stages can be done in parallell.

Right. Again, I personally think we should build a proxy only around
the request flow ideas robert and I have been working on.

> Should probably start a web page somewhere where we collect relevant
> stuff...

Lemme see if I can grant you access to the squid-3 page on the squid

My next thing on my squid todo list is to write a http header parsing
library that works with fixed-sized buffer chains (a la storemem chains.)
That way the http headers could be thrown around without copying.
But, I'm not able to knock out parsing code as quickly as network/disk
code. Yet. :-)


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