Re: squid-3

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 14:54:52 +0200

To avoid needing a secretary, perhaps we should set up a FAQ-O-Matic or
something similar for collecing all the notes...

I guess the document manager at SourceForge could also be put to use,
but it seems somewhat awkward for this purpose...

Adrian Chadd wrote:
> Ok. How about this.
> I'll document what I think the disk layer should look like.
> How about you document how the network layer should look like.
> Robert - how about you document how the request/reply layer should
> look like.
> I'll collate, stick on the squid website somewhere, and we can
> discuss any pitfalls. Once we've got something in rough shape
> we can knock together some quick code to test the idea out with,
> and proceed from there. I'd like to avoid the committee-type
> pitfalls.
> (Finally, some work? :-)
> Adrian, who always seems to end up being the secretary at design
> meetings..
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