Re: NT port project join

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 21:24:45 +0200

Hi Andrey.

I think I misunderstood you.

To contribute with modification to the nt-2_3 Squid branch as a
SourceForge user, start by reading the instructions on and

Please note however that the nt-2_3 branch is old, and not actively
being ported forward to newer Squid releases (currently Squid-2.4,
Squid-2.5 not too distant).

To get going you will need at least the following tools:

* A UNIX like environment with ssh, cvs and perl to run the branch
tracking tools (CYGWIN should work).
* The branch tracking tools "cvsmkbranch" and "cvsmerge", downloadable
from the above mentioned CVS.html page.

Until you and Guido knows each other more familary, I'd suggest you save
your changes on a sub-branch from the nt-2_3 branch to not conflict with
that Guido is doing.

How to create a sub-branch:

1. Get a working copy of the nt-2_3 branch

  cvs -d ... co -r nt-2_3 -d squidnt-2.3 squid

2. Create a new branch from there

  cd squidnt-2.3
  cvsmkbranch nt-2.3-tolsty
  cd ..
  mv nt-2.3-tolsty squidnt-2.3-tolsty
  rm -rf squidnt-2.3 (optional, to not by mistake operate on the nt-2_3

This procedure gives you a personal subbranch of the nt-2_3 branch in
the directory squidnt-2.3-tolsty, where you can publish any changes
freely using CVS.

Later, when there has been changes in nt-2_3 that you want to have
mirrored into your branch, simply run "cvsmerge nt-2_3" to move the
changes over.

If this procedure seems messy, you can also submit your changes to

Henrik Nordstrom
Squid Hacker
Andrey Shorin wrote:
> Hi, Romeo & Guido!
> Thanks for great job you've done for porting Squid to Win32 platform. It suits my needs almost completely.
> Being concerned on caching our company Internet access I tried your port of Squid for several months and it worked great. But I wanted to get some traffic savings redirecting certain sites (and banners, to be frank). So, I downloaded sources and start digging into. Now I have a version of native NT port based on the following patch :
> ------------------- cut nt-2_3.patch ------------------
> This file is generated from the nt-2_3 branch in CVS on SourceForge
> Mon Jul 16 23:11:19 2001 GMT
> See
> ------------------- cut nt-2_3.patch ------------------
> ... with support of helpers, unlinkd & pinger.
> I'd like to submit it to make publicly available. So would you please let me join your works?
> Regards,
> Andrey Shorin
> IT department
> AGA Holding
> Moscow, Russia
> Tel.: +7 (095) 721-3333
> ------------------------------------------
> AGA Holding Mail Server
> NTMail K12 - the Mail Server for Education
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