Re: squid developer acct

From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 11:27:53 +0100

Hi Romeo,

Il 06.09 01/12/2001 Romeo Anghelache ha scritto:
>hello there, my name is Romeo Anghelache, I ported squid (2.1, 2.3) to
>native NT and I'd like to keep it in sync from time to time with the
>latest modifications in the main trunk of code; maybe add some more NT
>nativity while keeping the functionality and portability there; and
>who knows, maybe even more if I get to understand it better.
>I need access to the squidNT development branch cvs account, or so.
>My sourceforge acct name is r0meo.

After Your latest work on SquidNT, the port have gained more enhancements.
In the Andrey Shorin's work they are some very interesting enhancements on
the portability side. Now I'm merging these changes in the main SquinNT 2.3
At same time I'm working too on Cygwin and Cygwin-svc branches, using,
where possible, common specific WIN32 code between 2.3 and 2.5 branches.

So You are the WELCOME again !!!


Serassio Guido
Via Albenga, 11/4 10134 - Torino - ITALY
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