Re: [PATCH] unlinkd.patch

From: Robert Collins <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 10:07:04 +1100

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From: "Miquel van Smoorenburg" <>
> This patch is part of the patchset I'm using in the Debian squid-2.4.3
> package. Though the patches here are against 2.4.3, they should apply
> to 2.5 with minor difficulty.
> unlinkd.patch Compile in unlinkd support even with async io

This is IMO wrong. It should be "compile in unlinkd support IFF ufs is
compiled in".

> When async io is compiled in, unlinkd support is not compiled in. This
> patch makes sure that unlinkd is always compiled in, but only starts
> it if there is at least one cache_dir of type "ufs".

This bit is good :}.

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