Re: [PATCH] unlinkd.patch

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 00:35:16 +0100

Robert Collins wrote:

> > unlinkd.patch Compile in unlinkd support even with async io
> This is IMO wrong. It should be "compile in unlinkd support IFF ufs is
> compiled in".

compilation of unlinkd is controlled by a configure option, not the
patch. Compiler unless disabled.

> > When async io is compiled in, unlinkd support is not compiled in. This
> > patch makes sure that unlinkd is always compiled in, but only starts
> > it if there is at least one cache_dir of type "ufs".
> This bit is good :}.

But again addressed from the wrong end. There may be other things using
unlinkd than the "ufs" store. If you compile with unlinkd, then better
make sure it is started. For example, unlinkd is also used by diskd.

Note: Using the same binary both for "ufs" and for "aufs" is
sub-optimal. Simply the fact of having Squid linked with pthreads
changes stuff.

Note 2: Changing aufs to still use unlinkd may be a good idea in some
cases. This is one of the Squid-2.2-hno patches which has not yet made
it to 2.5.

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