Problems running Squid on Cygwin (Was Re: Possible problem on HEAD)

From: Guido Serassio <>
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 21:49:47 +0100


I found some problems running Squid on latest Cygwin (1.3.6-6):

- The cygwin-svc code can't start at boot time as a service. Starting it
manually works fine. On cygwin mailing list, I have just found other users
with similar problems running inetd with cygrunsrv. This is a Cygwin issue,
it seems to be fixed adding a "LanmanWorkstation" service dependency to
Squid to delay the service start ..., but Squid doesn't use
LanmanWorkstation functionality.
- Often Squid jumps to 100 % CPU, stopping to respond. The only fix is to
kill it. With the URL,1007,95669,00.html and using Netscape
the problem seems to be reproducible. Henrik has already tested this URL on
another platform without problems. I have tested this address using the
same clients configured with an Alpha Linux 2.5 Squid, and, again, all
works fine, so this seems to be another Cygwin issue.

At this time the quality of latest revision of Cygwin platform, starting
from 1.3.2, seems to be very low, and write good code on a so unstable
environment may be very hard. Only with 1.3.1 Squid works fine, but latest
versions add useful things to Squid .....


Serassio Guido
Via Albenga, 11/4 10134 - Torino - ITALY
Received on Sat Dec 22 2001 - 13:49:53 MST

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